About us

We are a team composed of multiple members from multiple countries, with programming, 3d modelling and/or graphical skills, that are ready to have ideas of games to make. This indie team has changed names more than once, before it had a website. First of all, only the company leader alone, called Pedro, had created PeterCreations, starting with GameMaker and Scratch for the first, very simple games. A year later, he changed the name to LifeDreams, with the logotype beeing a torus knot. While the team was called LifeDreams, the leader started to use Unity3D to learn how to use programming languages to create a game. In mid 2014, the name changed once more to InforGnósis, a suggestion by our member Paulo Cachão, that joined the team to help with Seeking the Return. The name is composed by Infor (Informatique in French, meaning IT in English) and Gnósis (γνώση in Greek, meaning knowledge in English). By 2015, Matthew joined us, and our team grew to 3 members. Later on, a year later, Admir wanted to join us as a tester for the projects, and consequently was accepted. Two years later, Raphaël and Samy joined us as well, growing our team to 6 members. Currently working in a little list of projects, Seeking The Return is the first game that every member is working in.